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Kadijah Wingo

Hi, welcome to my little corner. I’m Kwingo the creative. I write, act, tell jokes, & a lil bit of everything else. Sometimes I can be a little too humble for my own good so please browse my other pages to get to know me!

Moving with intention to manifest the world I’ve imagined.

Upcycled Scrunchies!

Currently living my childhood, Raven Baxter fantasy and cutting/sewing up old clothes to make a new look or more funtional items. Less waste, more gains is whats really real. Though climiate change can’t be fixed by just the individuals I still hope this new venture leads me to a more provident existence.


Smedium Scrunchie

Unique, handmade accessory. Sizing varies from 3-5 inches fully stretched.


2 Sizes!


Jumbo Scrunchie

Just as unique but more frill n’ flounce. Sizing varies 8-12 inches fully stretched.


See the Process on Tikky Tok @Kwingoduz

Multi size and patterned accessories

Made from a single circle skirt. Initially was just curious about how many scrunchies could come from it.

Lil’ Shmediums
The Trio

Cute & stylish in your hair or on your wrist.

Trio Mystery Set

I’ll pick a perfect trio for you, mixing style and size to accent any lewk.


Photo Dump

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