About Us

We are just two art school weirdos that had an idea one day.

The idea was what if we could re-create that art school environment which we were unknowingly spoiled by for over 4 years in high school. 

What if we could go back to the days where we could easily connect and create with various artists of many different backgrounds because they were literally down the hall. 

Post college “real world” art life can get lonely real quick. While some are still discovering who they are and becoming familiar with their own voice can be a reclusive process. Just because that’s the norm for most doesn’t mean it has to be that way. 

So this is no longer a what if. 

This is our space to do what ever. 

Connect with whom ever to create something we didn’t even know we could make.  

We are dedicated to creating, critiquing, collaborating, and connecting across all identifiers and various boxes we either place ourselves in or the world does for you.

Get out that box and get inside the couch.

For Artists, By Artist!

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