New Year, New Vision

Coming into the new year can initially be oversaturated with sayings, quotes, or cliche conventions that usually never end up going further then February. So with that in mind we want to suggest an outlet for ringing in a new beginning. The creative members of Inside the Couch thought why not take our fears, goals, and dreams for the upcoming year and turn it into art!

There are many interpretations of a vision board. The classic take of getting a poster board or piece of cardboard. Then cutting up magazines, personal photos, and whatever else fits your dreams to paste it all over in a collage type fashion.

Cherish365 Vision Board

If you don’t have magazines on tap then there’s always the digital method.

Sites like Pintrest where it creates the board for you. Or if you want to make it more personalized you can use photoshop, Canva & PicMonkey.

Screen shot from Google & who gone fight me?

Keep in mind it matters less what it looks like and more what it makes you feel when you see it. This board will work as a reminder, motivator, and manifestation of your deepest desires. By creating it from a real place within you it will easily become something special and beautiful to you.

Try these simple steps I take when creating my own vision boards.

Reflect: Even in the darkest of seasons there can be something to be proud of yourself about, so find it. Even if it’s as simple as “I made it thru”. Baby you better celebrate!

Prioritize: What do you really want? What’s most important to you, dig deep. It’s easy to keep it surface with materialistic dreams, because we are living in a material gurl world. However, what’s an aspiration that will make you the best version of yourself inside & out?

Visualize: A little meditation never hurt nobody. It’s the exact opposite so ask yourself what would it look or feel like if your ultimate goals were realized. Then luxuriate in that headspace for as long as you need to believe it.

Actualize: Put those feelings to work. Find whatever image l or words that best represent what you saw in your minds eye. Fortify those dreams by bringing from the imaginary to reality on a board/page.

A quick example of how I stylize & phrase my aspirations.

By no means is this the only way to go about it. I will also mention that this was all done for the freeski on Canva!

Once your vision board is complete we want to take it a step further to connect us all.

Inside the couch invites all creators to email your board to us in order to compile everyone’s goals into one massive manifestation for the new year.

This union will reveal to us what other creatives need and how we might be able to serve you in making some of those dreams come true.

As well as be a grand visual reminder that we are not alone in this journey of self-improvement. Open up to allow your energy and desires to be amplified by one another, strengthening your confidence to complete the everyday takes leading you to your goal.

We can create the destiny we seek. With the added power in numbers something as simple as pictures and words can create a positive force that will go on past 2022.

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