Staying Consistant 😩

What difference does it make?

As creatives we love our own ideas. We love the thought of hard work and “The Grind”, but let’s be honest with ourselves for just a moment.🧐 What are we really doing? are we actually working towards our goals? Have we taken that step? Then last but not least, are we being CONSISTENT?

I don’t mean to interrogate you. I just want us to be better. It’s MuhFuckin 2020, and guess what! You Are Worth It! Your Ideas Are Worth It! How ’bout we let these bitches KNOW! Thoughtfully, set aside a schedule for yourself. Whether it’s 15min, 30min, or 3hours. Just be consistent! Don’t let Anything get in the way of you handling your business. Make working on yourself and your goals as regular as using the bathroom. YOU HAVE TO! This kind of mindset and work ethic will take us to the next level in no time.


Published by Inside The Couch

For Creatives, By Creatives.

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