Legs in Places

Getting that Foot in the Door

“Is it still one day, or day one?”

Hi it’s Kadijah and Sierra,

Best friends that create stuff from time to time and we are…Inside the Couch. Here to connect and create but its honestly just an excuse to talk our shit. There has been a lot of thoughts and ideas bubbling between these couch cushions in the past few years. Sometimes those thoughts actually get written down or recorded, but it’s always been under-wraps. Like a secret scheme we’ve been cooking up, so one day we can shock the world with whatever we finally pieced together.

Out of our many scattered sketch ideas, events, songs, movies, books, plays, and miscellaneous bits that we have yet to show. Like any artist that has ever created a body of their own work, knows the hardest part can be the act of “finishing”. Well, were done saying one day we’ll do it. This is day one of producing the content we always imagined.

This blog is a small step that we needed to take our art to the next level. For us this is our place of creation and incubation. We hope its entertaining and inspiring for you. So come get comfy with us INSIDE THE COUCH!

Published by Inside The Couch

For Creatives, By Creatives.

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